What I’ve Learned About SEO Hosting

One of the biggest things I’ve come to understand about technology is how fast it changes. One can go from being on the cutting edge, to falling behind pretty quickly. That wound up being the case for me. Or, rather, for my company’s website.

When Id first put it together, it was state of the art. And on a technological level, the code itself was still quite solid. It just wasnt attracting very much attention though. And it took me a little research to figure out exactly why that was the case.

Basically, much of the world had moved on without me. Instead of simply having a page sitting there, a site really needed to be fully optimized for search engines. When everyones battling for attention by the main search engines, one needs an advantage to get to the top. And my site, sadly, didn’t really have any advantages when it came to being noticed. That’s when I learned about SEO hosting.

Its similar in many ways to traditional web hosting. The main difference is that the servers are specially designed and configured to aid in the process of search engine optimization. The SEO host is set up to more easily propagate information about the website within it to search engines. This is also true for the built in SEO services that are available on the more software based side of things.

By leveraging both the software and hardware based SEO, one begins to see a tremendous potential opening up in front of them. Or at least I can say that was the case for me. It was really eye opening in a lot of ways. I really hadnt understood why I seemed to be losing ground for so long. But it all coserver1mes down to an old saying. One uses the right tools for the right job. And Id been coming at the problem without any tools at all.

The basic problem Id had was that people find a site by using search engines. However, the search engines arent pulling that information out of a void. The search engine itself needs to understand that a site exists. And even then, thats not really enough to bring the site to peoples attention.

The basic indexing of a site by a search engine will fill in some basics. But even the most intelligent search engines dont do a lot of thinking for themselves. A search engine, at the end of the day, is still just software running on a computer. It can read data, but it cant actually understand it. Thats where optimization comes in.

Through use of a SEO based server, I was able to optimize my site for search engines. It gathered the information a search engine can understand, and presented that. While, at the same time, working with the method that information was delivered. That in itself can be as important as the specific data. By optimizing my site for search engines, it was suddenly seen as important by them. And the search engines better understood just what it was that my company offers. And the end result is that my site now comes up in the top listings when people search for things related to my business.

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